Your turn to evaluate us!

  Please fill out this survey about your experience at Ignite Yearbook University 2017! We take your feedback very seriously. We make improvements every year based on your input. Thank you!

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Ladder Diagram in Google Sheets

We ran out of paper ladder diagrams! Please edit this spreadsheet ladder as you need to! You'll have to save a copy for yourself. It's for 288 pages, so you may need to add or subtract some signatures. It's color-coded for deadlines, just to show you how. I hope it helps! loveyoumeanit, jen  

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Project Evaluation Form

This is the form your critiquer will use to give you feedback on your final project. Note: the extended deadline for projects is Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. 17evaluation You'll have a chance to sign up for an in-person critique when you turn in your project tonight. Good luck!  

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Inspiration to Completion

On Tuesday evening, Annie Green of Glacier Peak High in Snohomish, Washington, showed us her students' yearbook and told hilarious stories. We can't share the funny stories, but we can share the presentation. Please credit Annie when you share this with your yearbook staffs at home.

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Marketing Calendar Ideas

In the 9 a.m. Marketing class, we brainstormed the following ideas. We ran out of time for second semester ideas. But here's what we were talking about for first semester. Summer 2017 Post summer camp/editor training photos of Instagram Post to each class's Facebook page to advertise how to buy books Create yearbook Snapchat account [...]

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